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Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA

Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA
Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA
Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA
Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA

Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA    Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA

Fully Modified Vox V847 from Modest Mike's Mods. Just google Modest Mike's Mods. Check out the reviews at sites like the Gear Page, Harmony Central, Telecaster Guitar Forum, Strat-Talk. Com, The Amp Garage, Noisy Music, Ultimate Guitar. Quality workmanship, great customer service, low prices, and the sound!

Nobody beats Modest Mike's Mods! You just have to have a wah for some variety. Here is what you get with ours. Does a wah pedal affect your chain of sound when you turn it off? Unless it has true bypass, the answer is an emphatic YES!

These pedals are notorious tone suckers. Normally when the wah is not on but still plugged into your amp or pedal chain, your guitar's signal still has to pass through the circuitry. Especially the high frequency range. True bypass eliminates tone sucking! We replaced the old foot switch with a new 3PDT.

This lets us rewire in a way that allows the sound to travel around the circuitry. When you are switched off of the wah effect, your guitar's signal will now go into the input of your wah and straight out the output jack to your amp, or next effect pedal. Once this was done, we added a little magic! Adds better EQ to the the sweep, makes it sound a little less thin and "trebly". Makes it sound like it wants to talk! This mod brings up the volume level of the wah to match the volume level of your clean sound. Gain and Bass Response Mod. Adds a little gain and bass to the wah. Sounds nice for mellow sounds, but also crank up your amp and add some dirt for a touch of growl! Increases the mids and helps to smooth out the response between the bass and treble.

We replaced our toggle switch with a soft touch push button switch! Just a push of this button allows you to use your wah as a volume pedal!

When you rock the pedal all the way back, the volume is very low. Just rock the pedal forward for swells or just to set your overall volume level. Push the button again and you are back in wah mode. This can be done with your finger, or a slight tap with the side of your foot. We added a water/clear blue Led.

The LED is clear when off, a nice noticeable blue when on. Standard 9 volt Power Jack. The made in the USA model does not come with a power jack, so we added one! From our customers who have bought one of our modified wahs, or have had us modify their wah.

I've already told 2 friends about you and will definitely spread the word! I turned it on in my bedroom it was dusk outside... That thing lit up the whole room!

And the volume mod is perfect. I'll be in touch. Loving it already and haven't even hooked into my cabinet with my band! Just played through a little crate practice amp but I can tell a big difference!

Thanks again, the wah is wicked! I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on my Vox Wah pedal. I appreciate the extra effort you put into helping me get a sound that I like. I will be spreading your name around those who are looking for someone who does good quality work.

I hope you will come hear us sometime. Great pedal, nice sound & features! This pedal is insanely unique!

It's become a staple on my board. This is now the best wah that I have ever owned - thank you so much - I love the way it sounds!

Got the wah last night! Ripped open the box, plugged it up. YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB!

I myself, have been a AV bench tech for over 30 yrs. You not only have good ears, but it also takes good technical knowledge of filters EQ's, gain. I'll refret a Strat or a Les Paul before i'll tear into a pedal.

I may get a schematic if it doesn't work. Sent a few more pic's.

One, is my PA cabinets I built after I completed them, 1 1/2 yrs. Since I added 2 more mids and 2 subs, and has 10KW in the gas tank! The other, is my guitar rig at a show I did in Louisville, with Danny Johnson of Steppenwolf. I've had a few wah's over the years and I can see this one sticking around for a long time. Can't wait to show it to the fellas.

Hey Mike----The Wah sounds fantastic! It's a great pedal, really true wah. I got a chance to REALLY give the new wah a test drive today...

That thing is freakin' incredible! I've never played through a wah with anywhere near the range of that pedal. The amount of voicing heard for just 1/4 of travel is as much as MANY of the pedals I've played for the full throw. And, most importantly, it sounds fantastic.

It's so near a talk box I could probably make it sound like that, with enough practice. Thanks again - great work! A winning Clyde McCoy is in the house! The absolute best sounding wah I've ever heard! This is the epitome of wah sound, where it should always have been.

You do great work brother. I'll write you a stellar review for your page if you'd like. You just wrote a stellar review. More could you ask for?

We have one with the LED volume pedal effect button on the left side, and the LED installed on the right top. Thanks for looking, and keep rockin'! This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Parts & Accessories\Effects Pedals\Delay, Echo & Reverb".

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  1. Model: V847
  2. To Fit: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  4. Analog/Digital: Analog
  5. Type: Wah
  6. MPN: V847
  7. Brand: Vox

Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA    Fully Modified Vox V847 Made in the USA