Acoustic Guitar Made

Archtop (2/2)

  • Egmond Vintage Archtop Guitar 1960s Relic / Made In Netherlands
  • 1947 Kay Made Kamico Model 8457 Oval Hole Archtop Guitar
  • Framus Hobby 5/50 Archtop Vintage Guitar Gitarre Made In Germany With Stamped Me
  • Framus Studio 5/51 Archtop Jazz Guitar Made In Germany 1960s Vintage Gitarre
  • German Made Late 1950's B & S Ltd.'the Michigan' Archtop F Hole Jazz Guitar
  • 1950's Silvertone Made By Harmony Archtop Guitar
  • 1940's Silvertone Made By Kay Archtop Guitar
  • 1950s Kay Vintage Archtop Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Sunburst Usa-made With Case